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U.S. Open semifinals with live updates

By Eric Olanowski , 04/28/17, 9:15PM EDT


Photo: Tony Rotundo (

The semi-finals of the 2017 U.S. Open are ten minutes away. All of the action can be followed on

For complete results, click HERE.

9:35pm: We are about to start the semifinal action at the U.S Open! Make sure you get social with us on Twitter and Facebook , @MichGrappler and @WrestlingPress. 

10:03pm: Women's freestyle and Greco are currently being wrestled. I'll continue to update the page as the Freestyle bouts comes to the mat. 

10:57pm: ACTION BEGINS! 

Semi Final Match-ups


A. Ramos (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) df. N. Tomasello (ORTC), 2-2

P1: Not too much action in the first 1:30 of period one. Each guy has a warning for passivity. Someone will get put on the clock here and it's going to be Ramos. NATO doing a good job of establishing his tie and slowing Ramos down. After the one for Ramos not scoring and a push out off a swing single, Nato leads 2-0 heading into the break. 

P2: Nato working off an undertook on the right side. Really controlling the pace of the match. Nato is hit for passivity, put on the clock. Ramos picks up the shot clock point and the step out point. With criteria, Ramos leads 2-2! RAMOS HANGS ON TO WIN ON CRITERIA! 

N. Garrett (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)  df. A. Waters (TMWC), 11-0. 

57kg FINALS:

N. Garrett (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) vs. A. Ramos (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)


K. Maple (TMWC) df. C. Brewer (TMWC), 14-5

P1: Maple puts four on the board in the first. 

P2: Shot by Brewer, Maple scores his third takedown of the bout. 6-0 lead for Maple, but Brewer picks up a takedown and a leg lace and we have ourselves a match! A run by Maple and he opens this match us, 11-5 

B. Wright (RNO/ IPWA) df. J. Colon (TMWC), 6-6

61kg Finals:

K. Maple (TMWC) vs. B. Wright (RNO/ IPWA)


F. Molinaro (NLWC) df. J. Kennedy (NYAC), 8-4 

P1: Half a period in, Frank has one High-C and Kennedy has a push-out. Molinaro leads, 2-0 after 1:30.

P2: HUGE DOUBLE for Frank as he extends his leads to 6-1.  

J. Oliver (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) df. Z. Retherford (NLWC), 4-3.

P1: Zain picks up a push-out point and leads 1-0. Oliver relaxing. Not a lot going into this first period, as we've seen all day. Oliver put on the clock, does not score and Zain picks up another point. Heading into the second 2-0, Zain. 

P2: Offensive Oliver! Jordan coming out shooting. Rutherford gets to a single on the out of bounds line, wrestles smart and picks up the push-out point. CAUTION AND TWO for Oliver! Not sure why, but match score is 3-2, Zain. CORRECT THROW FOR OLIVER and he comes after being down 3-0 and wins 5-3! 


65kg Final:

F. Molinaro (NLWC) vs. J. Oliver (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)


J. Green (TMWC) df.  J. Nolf (NLWC) 9-8. 

After a CRAZY match at 65, we pick up with this match with :20 left! James up 9-5. 

N. Kulchytskyy (TMWC) df. A. Pantaleo (Michigan RTC), 10-0. 

P1: Takedown for Kulchytskyy and turn and burn, wins 10-0. 

70kg Final:

J. Green (TMWC) vs. N. Kulchytskyy (TMWC)


J. Burroughs (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) df. K. LeValley (BVRTC) , 12-2

K. Dake (TMWC) df. A. Dieringer (TMWC), 3-0 

P1: One takedown for Dake and he leads 2-0 heading into the second. 

P2: Not too much action between these guys. SEVEN total NCAA Championships between these guys! Dake picks up a push-out, but Ringer was unable to pick up offensive points. 


K. Dake (TMWC) vs. J. Burroughs (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)


D. Taylor (NLWC) df. N. Heflin (PWC), 15-4 

P1: Taylor picks up an early takedown but Heflin has a chest wrap and we're tied 2-2.7

R. Perry (NYAC) df. B. Nickal (NLWC), 10-8

86kg Finals: 

R. Perry (NYAC) vs. D. Taylor (NLWC)


M. Burak (TMWC) df. K. Kleinschmidt (NYAC), 4-1

K. Gadson (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) df. N. Burak (TMWC), 11-1

97kg FINALS: 

K. Gadson (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) vs. M. Burak (TMWC)


Z. Rey (LVWC) df. A. Nelson (Minnesota Storm) , 4-3

N. Gwiazdowski (TMWC)  df. D. Bradley (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), 6-4.

125kg FINAL:

N. Gwiazdowski (TMWC) vs.Z. Rey (LVWC)